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Self-adhesive Labels Printing Features

Shosky Security Solution Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2016

So-called stickers printing, is under pressure from certain substances such as printing plates transfer the ink to the back surface of coated plastic substrate material in the process. Compared with the ordinary printing, sticker printing has the following characteristics.

1) small investment and quick results. Self-adhesive labels printing are trademarks and stickers, small format, only multicolor printing is done with a trademark printing machine, laminating, online, automatic exhaust, hot stamping, die-cutting, all operations and fast printing speed, resulting in less waste. One person, one machine, less investment.

2) flexible modes of printing. Self-adhesive labels printed without the limitation of print, offset or screen printing can be used in traditional printing plant, the new printing flexographic printing press or trademarks can be used.

3) features more wide market demand. Self-adhesive label print not only can be used as food, cosmetics brands and barcode, can be used for electronic products, mechanical products under special circumstances, such as signs and name plates.