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Self-adhesive Labels Printing Process Requires Attention To Four Points

Shosky Security Solution Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2016

Self-adhesive labels in the printing process and quality problems often occur are: get dirty on the back of self-adhesive label materials, ink printing and ink flying and static electricity. These failures affect the print quality, we must take appropriate measures to exclude. Below, we analyzes the causes and find solutions to the above problems.

1. printing ink ink flying

The tiny droplets of ink and flying in the air is called "flying Mexican", also known as ink mist, is a self-adhesive label in high speed rotary printing the most common fault. To slow the "flying Mexican", you can increase the humidity in the printing workshop, using electrically conductive ink as ink.

2. the ink through the print

Through means of the ink on the adhesive label on the back of the visible positive phenomenon of imprinting. Prevent ink printing, you can select tight-paper printing, can also increase the viscosity of the ink, reduction of suitable printing pressure.

3. adhesive label materials back to get dirty

The ink printed on self-adhesive labels, glued to the back of a printed piece, causing back get dirty. To prevent the back to get dirty, usually in the delivery portion of dusting device of printing press, fine particles of calcium carbonate are scattered in between the sheets. In addition, accelerate ink drying, reducing printed duo code height, between the sheets into the paper with good ink absorption inhibited to get dirty.

4. static electricity

In printing, self-adhesive labels difficult to separate, delivery on paper don't align, on paper or paper skew misregister, are likely to be caused by static electricity. Eliminate print static, generally on a printing press installed static Eliminator, air ionization around the printing press, which will be positive and negative electrostatic charge neutralization on the paper. Can also be in or around the printing press imprint back above, spray the right amount of water to eliminate static electricity on the paper. In addition, the increased humidity in the printing shop, and is conducive to the Elimination of static electricity.