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Self Adhesive Printed Security Labels Application

Shosky Security Solution Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2016

Self adhesive printed security labels which use? Below we tell you:

1, medicines: OTC, general medicine, clinical medicine;

2, health products: basic nutrition, strengthen supplementary factor type, function, function 3, plant protection: pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, plant protection machines; 4, cosmetics: skin care products, make-up products; 5, clothing: men's, women's, children's clothes;

6, jewelry: watches, necklaces, rings, jade distribution;

7, food: grains and products, edible oil, sterilization of fresh milk and dairy products, aquatic products, canned goods, sugar, cold food, beverage, liquor, wine, wine, spices, soy products, pastries, candy, preserves, pickles, health foods, novel foods.

8, toys: inertial toys, remote control toys, electric toys, musical toys, remote control toys, voice-activated toys, toys, Flash toys.

9, documents: diplomas, identity cards, driving licences, tickets, VIP card, VIP card.