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Sticker Design "zero" Regrets

Shosky Security Solution Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2016

 In our daily life, often see the label design, layout, the problem is not in place, to solve this problem, Dongguan Lee teuk designer summarizes some common labeling techniques. Whether any design you have to fully understand this product, consistent with its image, not irrelevant.

ISO + creativity = initiative + creative + benefits + recalls that innovation in design, but the novelty of innovation and not just different, but innovative ways. In design, only from these aspects, in conceptual communication, understand customer needs, product characteristics, analytical thinking, and thinking can be better applied to the practice, innovation, creativity. Design of products can be more in order to meet the needs of people.

Dongguan Xiang Xin Kai creative criteria: customer requirements; market requirements; three customers to customer requirements. Good label is intentional, Dongguan Xiang Xin Kai long designed stickers, adhesive stickers, cosmetic labels labels adhere to the harmonious combination of speed, power, to serve the catch-all the objective world.