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Sticker Printing Has The Advantage Of What?

Shosky Security Solution Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2016

First: used self-adhesive printing technology printing out of products because it of back has a layer not dry rubber, so in for sticky posted of when very of convenient, and in for sticky posted of when not need with any of binder of help, as glue and paste,, just to directly of will first layer above of surface tore off on can for paste, such on very of convenient, and in for sticky posted of when, also not injury commodity of appearance not caused any of pollution and damage.

Second: not dry rubber printing of products of durable performance is very good of, thus they of using life is very of long of, in for sticky posted of when and very of sticky posted effect while in tore to of when and very of easy, and in using process in the, also not because work environment in the of humidity or is temperature and produced some negative of effect or is damage, and also not appeared some aging of phenomenon.

Third: in selection self-adhesive printing for printing of when has very good of printing quality and investment is very small of, and we can using self-adhesive printing for any trademark or is posted paper of printing, because these products of size and length are is very small of, thus not need purchase many Taiwan printing equipment on can achieved on these trademark of more color printing, covered film operation and automatically for waste excretion of operation,, such on can greatly of reduced printing cost, And in print when print speed is very fast and does not produce a lot of waste products, thus ensuring the effective use of resources.