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Sticker Printing Materials UV Flexographic Printing

Shosky Security Solution Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2016

sticker printing materials UV flexographic printing has developed rapidly, and has a tendency to replace UV letterpress

Label printing feature colorful, due to near UV flexographic UV flexographic ink color, plus the flexographic printing is much simpler than the Toppan printing, printing plants in foreign countries have adopted replacing UV letterpress printing UV flexo printing, in order to reduce costs.

However, internal flexo development is slow, and the gap is bigger. Main factors influencing the development of flexo has the following three aspects:

⑴ live source of continuity and stability

This question is more complex, industry rules, reputation, ethics, and so on, can be said to be a social problem. Only industry norms, social progress, and the problem can be solved step by step.

⑵ plate costs and cycles

Flexo printing plate costs relief several times or even more than 10 times, and the cycle is a big problem. Letterpress printing plate manufacturers can produce their own, flexographic printing plate must be processed by professional plate company, professional plate company only in the big cities.

⑶ equipment problem

Equipment problems, namely, roller and die-cut rolls of reserve issues. Not enough Kit items, will not be able to adapt to the ever-changing label print, can't be matched with the original printing effect. Roller and die-cut roll reserve cost usually spent more than the device itself. Now, the problem has improved and solved step by step. Flexographic printing will partly replace letterpress printing, this is the main reason.