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Sticker Printing Three Camps

Shosky Security Solution Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2016

At present, self adhesive printed labels according to the different printing methods can be divided into three camps.

1. Conference: North America is dominated by flexographic printing technology adhesive printed label representative of the island. Major equipment is small and medium sized unit type printing units, mainly in ink, using reel to reel printing, Rotary die cutting, high production efficiency, advanced technology and environmentally friendly characteristics.

United States Weber company in Chicago, for example, the company Andy flexographic printing more than 20 sets of specifications ranging from 7 inches to 25 inches, mainly used in label printing.

2. half of letterpress and flexo: this way of processing in Europe, flexographic printing application is basically the same as in United States, Toppan printing also has a 50% ratio, and letterpress printing using UV inks, most of the equipment-cascade or satellite. Material processing method the same as reel to reel printing.

3. printing, mainly to the Asia-Pacific region in this way. Asia-Pacific of developing countries home cotton, not dry rubber printing also compared behind, even is used letterpress printing, but using UV ink equipment of only accounted for minority, most label printing still using resin type ink, and volume to volume printing and single Zhang paper printing way coexistence; due to artificial posted standard proportion high, so single Zhang paper offset self-adhesive printing label of application widely; in die cut way Shang to flat pressure flat die cut mainly.