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Tamper Labels

  • Opaque White Security Labels

    Contact NowOpaque White Security Labels1. Material: Total Transfer
    2. Color: Opaque white
    3. Thickness: 36 microns
    4. Jumbo Roll Size: 530mm*500m
    5. Message: VOID
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  • Stock No Residue Labels

    Contact NowStock No Residue Labels1. Material: Non Transfer
    2. Color: Red
    3. Thickness: 36 microns
    4. Jumbo Roll Size: 530mm*500m
    5. Message: VOID Open
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  • Customized Security Labels

    Contact NowCustomized Security LabelsFor this tamper-evident label, after label peeling, the hidden customized warning information clearly appear on the surface and label face itself and this damage is irreversible, which show the obvious evidence of tampering. The hidden message can be company logo,...Read More

  • Destructible Labels HG80

    Contact NowDestructible Labels HG80For this ultra destructible sticker of HG80, it is low brittle grade destructible label and suitable for big security labels. Once someone tries to tamper with it, the anti-counterfeit label will break up into small pieces and this permanent damage can't be...Read More

  • Jewellery Void Labels

    Contact NowJewellery Void Labels1.Material: Partial Transfer
    2.Color: Matte Silver
    3.Thickness:25 Microns
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  • Dual Layer Security Labels

    Contact NowDual Layer Security LabelsIt is our dual color security label. For this tamper indicative Labels, if removal is attempted, security message clearly shows both on surface and label itself, also different colors displayed on both sides, which provide visual evidence of tampering. It is a one...Read More

  • Hologram Labels

    Contact NowHologram Labels1. Material: Parital Transfer
    2. Color: Hologram (standard pattern)
    3. Thickness: 25 microns
    4. Jumbo Roll Size: 530mm*500m
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  • Custom Printed Security Labels

    Contact NowCustom Printed Security LabelsThis customized security label have higher anti-counterfeiting features than the standard total transfer security label. 1.The hidden image message is customized according to the client requirement. 2.It is belong to spacer label as no glue for the client required...Read More

  • Tamper Proof Labels

    Contact NowTamper Proof Labels1. Material: Parital Transfer
    2. Color: Matte Silver
    3. Thickness: 50 microns
    4. Jumbo Roll Size: 530mm*500m
    5. Message: Chessboard
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  • Zero Transfer labels

    Contact NowZero Transfer labelsFor this non-residue void label, when seal is lifted, it is easy and quick to see the security message of void or void open on the backing, but no residue left on the application surface. Besides the standard colors, we also provide the gold and silver to meet...Read More