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Void Tape

Void Tape

For this type of security tape with consecutive numbering and perforation, when the security tape is lifted, it leaves an "VOID Open" message on the tape itself and sealed surface so that it is easy and quick to recognize that the packing has been opened. The tape is consecutively...

Detailed description

It is a security tape with consecutive numbering and perforation.

The product details as bellow:

Transfer type: total transfer

Security message: void open

Color: Grey

With unique consecutive numbering

With 150mm perforation

150mm is our standard perforation distance,but this distance can be customized.

Quick Details:
 ●Transfer: Total Transfer
 ●Standard color: Grey
 ●Standard size:50mm*50m
 ●MOQ: 100 Rolls
 ●Delivery Time: around 5 working days
 ●Packing: Carton Box/ Pallet
 ●Sea Port: She Kou/ Yan Tian Of Shen Zhen

Product Details:
 ●Face stock: PET film
 ●Face thickness: 25#
 ●Adhesive: Acrylic
 ●Liner: none
 ●Residue: High Residue
 ●Temperature resistance: 0°C ~ + 110°C
 ●Printing: It is with special top coating and suitable for thermal transfer printing, screen printing, silk printing, rotary printing, offset printing etc.
 ●Typical application: suitable for non-reusable suitable for carton box, pallets, shrink wrap films, containers, envelope, paper, document sealing etc.

Custom information is available:
 ●Various colors available
 ●Tape width and length can be customized.
 ●Void message can also be personalized.
 ●Company name/logo or any language (including arabic) message can be customized on surface of the tape
 ●With sequential numbering and Perforation very 150mm

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