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Hologram Labels

1. Material: Parital Transfer
2. Color: Hologram (standard pattern)
3. Thickness: 25 microns
4. Jumbo Roll Size: 530mm*500m

Detailed description

The below partial transfer hologram void label is our standard type.

It improves the security level based on the normal security void stickers.

The Following is our customized


Quick Details:
 ●Transfer: Partial Transfer
 ●Color: hologram
 ●Jumbo roll size:530mm*500m
 ●MOQ: 1 Roll
 ●Delivery Time: around 5 working days
 ●Packing: Carton Box/ Pallet
 ●Sea Port: She Kou/ Yan Tian Of Shen Zhen

Product Details:
 ●Face stock: Polyester
 ●Face thickness: 25 Microns
 ●Hidden Message: void, honeycomb
 ●Adhesive: Acrylic
 ●Liner: Glassine Paper
 ●Printing: It is with special top coating and suitable for thermal transfer printing, screen printing, silk printing, rotary printing, offset printing etc.
 ●Typical application: Mainly used for non-recyclable glossy papers, metal, glasses, woods, plastic, corona treated films etc.


Custom information is available:
 ●The hidden message could be company name, logo or any other image.
 ●The slit roll size can be customized as client requirement.

Are you going to consult the hologram labels information with a reliable Partial Transfer Security Labels manufacturers and suppliers? Then you can contact our factory.

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