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Tamper Evident Seals

Tamper Evident Seals

1. Material: Parital Transfer
2. Color: Green
3. Thickness: 25 microns
4. Jumbo Roll Size: 530mm*500m
5. Message: VOID OPEN

Detailed description

25 microns green partial transfer high residue tamper evident seal.

Tamper proof seal including low residue and high residue

High Residue

tamper evident seals.jpg

Quick Details:
 ●Transfer: Partial Transfer
 ●Color: Green
 ●Jumbo roll size:530mm*500m
 ●MOQ: 1 Roll
 ●Delivery Time: around 5 working days
 ●Packing: Carton Box/ Pallet
 ●Sea Port: She Kou/ Yan Tian Of Shen Zhen

Product Details:
 ●Face stock: Polyester
 ●Face thickness: 25 Microns
 ●Hidden Message: void open
 ●Adhesive: Acrylic
 ●Liner: Glassine Paper
 ●Printing: It is with special top coating and suitable for thermal transfer printing, screen printing, silk printing, rotary printing, offset printing etc.
 ●Typical application: Mainly used for non-recyclable glossy papers, metal, glasses, woods, plastic, corona treated films etc.


Custom information is available:
 ●Could be any color, just provide the panton code.
 ●The hidden message could be company name, logo or any other image.
 ●The slit roll size can be customized as client requirement.

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