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Special Destructible Labels

  • Hologram Destructible Labels

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    Hologram Destructible Labels

    It is our destructible hologram labels. Based on the ordinary destructible label, it adds the holographic image both on the label surface and on the security message layer to improve the security of high value goods. Product Details: ● Jumbo roll size: 760mm*400m ● Color: hologram ● Adhesive:...Read More

  • Co-Extruded Destructible Labels

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    Co-Extruded Destructible Labels

    Co-Extruded Destructible Vinyl also called foam tech destructible vinyl label or Multi-layer destructible vinyl label. When someone try to tamper with it, the security label self-destruct and break up, also the residue seems like multi-layered. Co-Extruded Destructible Vinyl is made of PE and...Read More

  • Transparent Destructible Labels

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    Transparent Destructible Labels

    For this transparent destructible label, it just looks like a conventional transparent film material before removal, but it will be broken into pieces immediately when it is removed and the anti-counterfeiting function is greatly increased. Product Details: ● Jumbo roll size: 860mm*400m ● Color:...Read More

  • Gold Destructible Labels

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    Gold Destructible Labels

    Gold Destructible Label add a layer of gold color based on the white destructible label to meet client specific requirement. We also produce some sliver destructible security labels. This label have the same anti counterfeit characteristic as conventional white ultra destructive vinyl but meet...Read More

  • Colored Destructible Labels

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    Colored Destructible Labels

    Based on the conventional white destructible label, we provide different other color destructible label such as red destructible label, green destructible label etc to meet client specific requirement. Product Details: ● Jumbo roll size: 870mm*600m ● Color: white ● Adhesive: Acrylic ● Liner:...Read More

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